"Can You See Into a Black Hole?" Playtext + Badge

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"Can You See Into a Black Hole?" Playtext + Badge

"Can You See Into a Black Hole?" is a play by Tom Ryalls, it's a true story about growing up with epilepsy told with a lot of imagination.

This package includes one of the badges designed for an earlier sharing that proclaim you a "Qualified Astronaut" for your support.

“I thought I was going to be an astronaut, but instead of getting in a rocket to space, I found space hiding in my head instead”

When Tom grows up he wants to be an astronaut.. or the blue power ranger, they’re kind of the same thing anyway, right? But, aged 8, a black hole opens up inside his head when he has his first epileptic seizure and his entire world is swallowed up. Now, Tom must take on an even bigger adventure.

In this solo space odyssey, developed th­rough interviews with his parents and to­ld using innovative & exciting soundscap­es,​ Tom​ tries to reconstruct an invisi­ble part of his life which changed him so much. Performed by 1 actor, ​ "Can You See Into A Black Hol­e?"​ is an epic adven­ture exploring one family’s journey to adapt in the face of celestial scale even­ts.